Caravan-Urbania Wine Cellar

Cava46-1SDZThis wine cellar is designed to store up to 46 bottles at optimal conditions for preserving wine. The adjustable digital controller allows you to set the temperature appropriate to the bottles that you are storing in the different zones. The CAVA46’s front exhaust means the unit can be used free standing or built-in!


  • Bottle capacity: 46 (750ml) bottles
  • 5 deluxe wooden shelves with smooth acting pull-out roller assembly
  • Dual function:
    • The temperature range of the Lower Zone is: 55-65°F / 13-18°C.
    • The temperature range of the Upper Zone is: 40-55°F / 5-13°C
  • Middle partition allows for true Dual Temperature Zones.
  • (You can place 16 bottles in the upper zone and 30 bottles in the lower zone)
  • Removable Stainless steel bar handle
  • Dimensions: 33.875″h x 23.5″w x 22.75″d (interchangeable with 24″ dishwasher)
  • Rough Opening Size: 34″h x 23 5/8″w x 23 1/4″d
  • Weight: 116.6 lbs

Model: Cava46-1SDZ

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