MCOR304 Capital Culinarian




For Those Who Love To Cook!


  • Capital Culinarian MCOR304 offers 23,000 BTU Open Burners with professional porcelain coated cast iron grates meet all your cooking needs.
  • All burners adjust down to a delicate constant simmer.
  • All burner have auto ignition and re-ignition.
  • Oven Size: 27”W X 21”D X 15H. 4.9 cubic feet.
  • 5 rack positions with two racks provided per oven.
  • Flush oven bottom
  • Infrared Broil burner for quick searing or indoor grilling.
  • Flush rear trim for island friendly installations.
  • Stay-Cool Die Cast Chrome plated metal knobs with Black Trim(Cabernet trim available as an accessory).
  • Height adjustable front leveler legs

Capital Culinarians are live at K.W.A Appliances

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This process is evident in every product we produce.

Capital Cooking does not only manufacture appliances. Rather, they meticulously design, engineer
and then handcraft every item they put our logo on, all in the state of California.

Capital makes seamless appliances that perform efficiently and last for generations.
This is because their brand of engineering goes beyond the application of science alone. Capital cooking also apply a timeless artistic quality accompanied by high criterion for excellence.

The Capital company was built on the innovation of its founders and endures today on the ingenuity of its successors. Everyone in  company keeps that tradition alive, as they are a dynamic group of individuals, who inspire and motivate each other constantly.
Capital believes the whole of the company, is truly greater than the sum of its parts

For Capital, respect is an axiom. They respect all customers as savvy, intelligent consumers, nothing less. They also respect the natural world by constantly striving to be conscientious with their use of resources. One day our competitors will follow that lead and help ensure a cleaner world and sustainable earth for our future generations.

Capital never settle and they never grow idle in their pursuit of a better product.
This passion for what they do is fired by a high standard of engineering precision and an intense creative spirit. Every appliance is made to reflect the unique personality of its owner and the progressive soul we have endowed it with.