Scholtès Wine Cellar – 36 Bottles

SWC36NAWell designed to hold up to 36 bottles on a very compact, built-in footprint, the bottles are easily accessible on wooden sliding support guides. Set the the electronic thermostat for the two temperature zones between 39° and 68° F (4° and 20° C) for perfect storage of your reds and whites. Special design consideration provides the perfect environment: balanced temperature and humidity, anti-vibration system, dark and well insulated cabinet to minimize light damage and optimized ventilation.


  • Wine Storage
  •  36 bottle capacity
  •  Cabinet depth
  •  Two Temperature Zones
  •  Temp range: 39° to 68° F (4° to 20° C)
  • Manual settings
  •  5 wooden shelves
  •  Wooden sliding support guides
  •  Dark, insulated cabinet
  •  Anti-vibration system
  • S3 Handle

Model:  SWC36NA

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